"I believe... in creating a space for you to be vulnerable. in giving you not only beautiful imagery, but a beautiful experience. in sharing my heart with you."
- Tammy Zdunich, Boehmer Photography

About Tammy


"I want to celebrate the important moments with you, whether it's your wedding or just a simple family day.

I am not afraid to reach past my comfort zones, and you will be encouraged to do the same.

I have been photographing the wonderful people of the prairies since I was 20 years old. I just jumped in. And I'm so grateful for my spontaneity. Jumping in, without a lot of thought, served me well. I talk a lot about connection. Photography has always been more about the connections I've made with my clients, then about creating a pose in a specific background. I will walk into a session and wait for that moment when I feel the impact.

This is my why. Why I do what I do. Why I've made a life that revolves around my art. Why I am putting my truth out here. Because I want to impact others through connection."

Based in Saskatoon, SK Tammy Zdunich is more than ready to create meaningful visuals for you.


Tammy's unique view on wedding photography offers the client documentary style + an editorial edge. With love at the centre of it all.
Couples with a laid back vibe wanting to tell a story are often drawn to her images. View more wedding inspiration on Meraki + Light.

"You extend that moment beyond that one image. Far beyond"

Documentary Photography

Tammy's style is about enticing families and couples to connect with each other first with silly moments and growing more intimate as the session progresses producing some amazing results. View more.

"A person can hear the laughter, smell the grass, and feel the love. One looking at your photos can experience this even without knowing the subjects"


Tammy loves to inspire others and equip them with the skills they need to capture moments in their own lives.

"The pull on my heart has always been lifting up others. Since teaching at Mes Amis studios and Meraki + Light, I now understand that a career is possible based on supporting others in their dreams. This is the direction I am steering towards in the coming years." Contact Me.

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